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17 Feb 2022
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Beach safety is important. To make sure your friends and family have a great time, take time to learn the rules and take part in the safety measures that have been set in place by the South Walton Fire Department and Walton County commissioners.

Remember to obey all flag rules!

-       Leave No Trace – Items left on beach overnight will be thrown away

-       Please allow a 15’ setback from dunes and water’s edge for emergency vehicles

-       No charcoal grills are allowed on the beach

-       Walking on the dunes is permitted.

-       No glass containers are allowed on the beach

-       Removal of sand, water or vegetation is prohibited

  • No audio device shall be used on the beach that can be heard by a person using normal hearing faculties, at a distance of 100 ft. or more from the source of the sound
  • To prevent crowding, no tents larger than 10x10 are permitted on county owned or maintained beaches and must be kept on the top 1/3 of the available beach
  • Permits Required- Vehicles, dogs and bonfires require permits. Only Walton County residents and/or property owners  qualify for dog and vehicle permits

                  - To learn more about requiring permits, click here.

                  - Learn more about beach bonfires here. To get a beach bonfire permit, click here